Come meander a while

Welcome to Ad Astra Journal Community Sites. This is my first post. I ought to edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Ok, so sort of cheating by using the introduction given to me by Word Press. Really? Is it just plain silly to be intimidated by this whole blogging thing? I’m a grown man. Not that I am saying I’ve grown up but I am as fully grown as I am going to get! Anyway, despite being a grown man, I readily admit to the possibility of it being silly – but I also admit to being intimidated by the prospect of writing a blog.

Yeesh! Like the time commitment to write a good blog. Then there’s the small matter of having something to say. I shall raise my hand and admit here and now, I doubt that you are going to find any fascinating insights herein.

Oh and then we come to another issue … the English language. Oh dear. Ok, there are going to errors of a grammatical nature here. I’m sorry. I’d love, love, to be a grammar Nazi but I simply do not have the facilities to do that. The reason I mention this – is because well – I do tend to write in a train of thought manner. When it comes to writing prose I do try to do things the proper way but I obviously do not. I keep things too informal or expect that the meaning that I would carry in saying something would also carry over in my written words. So there’s not going to be much eloquence around here.

So why blog at all? Well because I mod on the Ad Astra site and it would only be but good manners to support everything that is going on. Also from an organisational point of view it helps to disseminate information about the site to our wonderful members. That forces my hand into this.

Seriously. I don’t do this kind of thing. The above ramble being ample reason why I shouldn’t. I race away from things like facebook and twitter. I am not unsavvy when it comes to tech things but all these boxes and drop down menus, behind the scenes editing, etc. – plain yipes. Now I am not down on blogging, twitting or facebooking. I know lots of people who get so much value from these activities in a good and healthy way. But it just isn’t for me.

However, I shall try dear Ad Astra friends, I shall try to blog. I can only promise that it will be a meander about fanfic writing and fanfic reading and fanfic reviewing. We’ll see where it goes from there. Let’s hope it will be fun or at least half readable to you and me – even if it is a rambling meander.