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Feb 16

Blog Prompt #16 – Fan Fiction Learning Curves  What have you learned from writing fanfiction? [pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”] It’s exactly as the title says – what has writing fan fiction taught you? And what do you think it can teach others? — blog prompt courtesy of jespah [/pullquote] Here follows some of what I believe I’ve learned, or more accurately continue …

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Aug 11

Attaining Villainy and Complexity

A response to Blog Prompt #6 – Writing Complex Evil Characters Villains. Hmmm. I’m a bit like TemplarSora in that my current stories do not have actual villains per say. That is to say, they don’t have revealed villains or developed villains. That said, it’s an interesting topic and one I do plan on returning …

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Aug 01

Crossing Over … Free-For-All Blog Prompt #3

TemplarSora provided the prompt this time round and gave a very interesting post on it here – Time And Relative Diversity in Infinite Combinations   The blog prompt was: Blog Prompt #3 – Crossovers My blog idea is to try and maybe see just how far out there some of us have gone, are considering …

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Jul 31

Recalling, Recriminations and Round Robins

Written in response to Multiversal Thoughts, Part I & Multiversal Thoughts, Part II and also as a companion piece to Of Collaborations and Round Robins *sigh* Honestly, *sigh*. I sigh for the missed opportunities. I sigh for not being much of a participant. I sigh for the fact we are doing a dissection of the Round …

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Jul 31

Character Delving

Checking out jespah’s great blog, ‘Barking up the Muse Tree’, I opted to steal one of her ideas – I mean I was inspired – to try to write a character review for one of my characters. Tis an interesting thought process and writing exercise and all that like! But then I get stuck. Troubled …

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Jul 30

What I like to Read

It isn’t called a MirandaFave Meander for no reason so bare with me a small moment. I always loved reading when I was growing up. Adventure stories. Thrillers. Treasure hunters. Historical fact and historical fiction. And of course, some good ole science fiction. So when it comes to reading Trek fanfic, I’d say I’m fairly …

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Jun 24

A Theme of Hope

A Theme of Hope Music is a naturally creative and imaginative outlet in the composing, creation and yes in the listening of it. As writers we often comment on the music choices that currently inspire our writing. For so many of us, music can play an important part of the writing process. Often times it …

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Apr 03

Writing Hope – Hoping to Write.

Hey all, Yes, it has been a long, long while. I’ve been purposefully absent it has to be said. Down on the low or whatever it is the cool kids might say. While I have lots of ideas and even lots written for various little projects I have for the longest time just not had …

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Apr 16

Agggh!!! How do we cope when technology fails?

Agggh! What do we do? What do we do? The advice would be don’t panic. Which really I think is ridiculous. A good ole panic helps to make many a dire situation feel at least a little bit dramatic. Hmmm… maybe not helpful, certainly not productive. Perhaps I should in the words of Fagin from …

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Feb 05

A thousand words – give or take one or two

A thousand words. Actually, it is probably a whole damn sight more than that. What do I mean? To what do I refer? Today I reached the figure of 1,000 reviews on the Archive. :cue ticker tape parade and thunderous applause: :waits: :sighs: So ok, not a big deal. Of course, making a thousand reviews …

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