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Jul 27

Osprey – The Concluding Chapters Added

Osprey #1 — Running the Gauntlet The story concludes with a frantic chase in the midst of a storm, injured personnel, a damaged ship and a hostage situation.

Jul 23

Osprey updates – new chapters added

Osprey #1 — Running the Gauntlet Hayes and Faraday share a heat to heart moment. Can they make their command team partnership work? Meantime, the storm rages, questions remain and past legacies produce trust issues. Gareth Hayes has to prove himself to Mercy Faraday but if the bonds of trust are tested what remains is …

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Jul 21

More Osprey Updates

Osprey #1 — Running the Gauntlet The slaves rescued, the mission for the Osprey is far from over. Caught in a massive storm within ‘The Gauntlet’ the Border Patrol Cutter Osprey must navigate the treacherous region and issues of trust arising within its ranks, as new XO Gareth Hayes settles in and poses questions. With more trouble to come…

Jul 10

TToT14 Week 8 Fabulous Fanart – Osprey: Running the Gauntlet

Apr 22

From the Watchtower …

Coming soon: ‘From the Watchtower’ . A series of blogs focusing on meta and background aspects of the Watchtower Universe.  

Apr 16

Agggh!!! How do we cope when technology fails?

Agggh! What do we do? What do we do? The advice would be don’t panic. Which really I think is ridiculous. A good ole panic helps to make many a dire situation feel at least a little bit dramatic. Hmmm… maybe not helpful, certainly not productive. Perhaps I should in the words of Fagin from …

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