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Twelve Trials of Triskellion – Blog Like a Boss prompt #3

TToT14 Challenge – Blog Like a Boss Prompt #3 It’s another trial another fight to the death. Ahem. I mean, another fun spirited contest entry. And here, our Overlord – I mean our kindly sweet landlady, SLWalker has tasked us to decide. Decide! Decide! Steff’s prompt was for us to choose: WHO’S YOUR FAVORITE TREK …

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Crossing Over … Free-For-All Blog Prompt #3

TemplarSora provided the prompt this time round and gave a very interesting post on it here – Time And Relative Diversity in Infinite Combinations   The blog prompt was: Blog Prompt #3 – Crossovers My blog idea is to try and maybe see just how far out there some of us have gone, are considering …

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