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Character Ingredients – A MeanderFave Homework Assignment

Hello Trisken Thralls! Thought I would throw out a little homework assignment – a mini prompt if you will to spur on a few more blogs as part of our TToT14 Blog like a Boss adventures. Steff’s prompt what character do you love to write got me thinking about characters and recently kes7 in a …

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30 Day Letter Challenge

So I stumbled upon one of these challenge list things. I saw Steff do one of these challenges before and was indeed intrigued by it and wanted to copy or model something after it. I’m not a big share my own life on the internet thing and hate to be too meta about my universe …

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A Theme of Hope

A Theme of Hope Music is a naturally creative and imaginative outlet in the composing, creation and yes in the listening of it. As writers we often comment on the music choices that currently inspire our writing. For so many of us, music can play an important part of the writing process. Often times it …

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