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Aug 01

Welcome to Hope

  Watchtower #1: Welcome to Hope

Jul 30

Running the Gauntlet – Story Review and Discussion 1

Inspired by the blog posts of Mdg, jespah and TemplarSora’s I thought to offer up a story review reflection for one of my most recent stories to the site and a brand new series. From the Watchtower, we take a closer look at the opening Osprey story, ‘Running the Gauntlet’. Run the gauntlet gauntlet 2  (ˈɡɔːntlɪt) — …

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Jul 28

From the Watchtower: Introducing Star Station Hope

Star Station Hope. Watchtower. In another ‘From the Watchtower’ post we look at Star Station Hope, known as Watchtower. It forms the centre of the Watchtower Universe stories and of course in-universe serves as the central hub of commerce, politics and Federation control in the difficult region of space. Star Stations are the Border Patrol …

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Jun 24

A Theme of Hope

A Theme of Hope Music is a naturally creative and imaginative outlet in the composing, creation and yes in the listening of it. As writers we often comment on the music choices that currently inspire our writing. For so many of us, music can play an important part of the writing process. Often times it …

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Apr 14

Where there is Hope …

Star Station: Hope – ‘Watchtower’ Shared Federation borders: Tzenkethi, Cardassian, Breen, Klingon Border Patrol Squadron: 6th Cutter Squadron, Commanding officer: Commodore Tekesha Tanner 2376 So here it is, Star Station Hope otherwise known as Watchtower. Whilst is was not the deciding factor, I have to say I loved the brief appearance of this station in …

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Apr 03

Writing Hope – Hoping to Write.

Hey all, Yes, it has been a long, long while. I’ve been purposefully absent it has to be said. Down on the low or whatever it is the cool kids might say. While I have lots of ideas and even lots written for various little projects I have for the longest time just not had …

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Aug 13

Writing Hope – Origins

Writing Hope – Origins In the beginning … I guess I had best start with the beginning. It has something of a circuitous route before I’ve gotten to the point of writing Star Station Hope: Watchtower. Yet not so much in many ways. For a while now I have had the inkling to write a …

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Jul 18

Writing Hope: Coming Soon

Taking a leaf from MDg’s latest great post, I thought I might try and offer a commentary of sorts on my writing. Instead of looking back, I’m going to write about a story series I am currently developing and writing – which may spoil a little of some of what is to come but not so …

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