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Jul 31

Running the Gauntlet – Story Review and Discussion 2

Review and Discussion Continuing my story review and discussion of the opening Osprey story, ‘Running the Gauntlet’ as part of my From the Watchtower series of blogs we turn to take a closer look at chapters, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Chapter 2 The Hunt sees Mercy take to the bridge and the op begin in earnest. With the …

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Jul 30

Running the Gauntlet – Story Review and Discussion 1

Inspired by the blog posts of Mdg, jespah and TemplarSora’s I thought to offer up a story review reflection for one of my most recent stories to the site and a brand new series. From the Watchtower, we take a closer look at the opening Osprey story, ‘Running the Gauntlet’. Run the gauntlet gauntlet 2  (ˈɡɔːntlɪt) — …

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Apr 25

Boldly Reading Bool Club #8 Celestial Fire

Boldly Reading Book Club #8 selection is CeJay’s Lower Deck Tales: Celestial Fire. Spoilers contained within. Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire, called conscience. ~ George Washington Story blurb: The Talarians have launched an incursion into Federation space and Starfleet can ill-afford another conflict so soon after the …

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Jan 21

Book Club #5

The Boldly Reading Book Club #5 choice was Funngunner’s Their Finest Hour: Fire and Rain, Part One and Part Two. Here’s some of my response to Their Finest Hour: Fire and Rain prefaced firstly by an opinion on the ENT storyline and Xindi story arc. ENTERPRISE and the Xindi War Arc Given that Funn was …

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Feb 05

A thousand words – give or take one or two

A thousand words. Actually, it is probably a whole damn sight more than that. What do I mean? To what do I refer? Today I reached the figure of 1,000 reviews on the Archive. :cue ticker tape parade and thunderous applause: :waits: :sighs: So ok, not a big deal. Of course, making a thousand reviews …

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