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Day #3 Write a Letter Challenge

A 30 Day Write a Letter Challenge Response Day 3 – Your Parents Time to write letter number three. This time it is to a character’s parents. The family left behind is actually often a gap we find in Trek writing – be it fan fiction, Treklit or canon – unless of course you consider …

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A Theme of Hope

A Theme of Hope Music is a naturally creative and imaginative outlet in the composing, creation and yes in the listening of it. As writers we often comment on the music choices that currently inspire our writing. For so many of us, music can play an important part of the writing process. Often times it …

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Writing Hope – Origins

Writing Hope – Origins In the beginning … I guess I had best start with the beginning. It has something of a circuitous route before I’ve gotten to the point of writing Star Station Hope: Watchtower. Yet not so much in many ways. For a while now I have had the inkling to write a …

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