Writing Hope – Hoping to Write.

Hey all,

Yes, it has been a long, long while. I’ve been purposefully absent it has to be said. Down on the low or whatever it is the cool kids might say. While I have lots of ideas and even lots written for various little projects I have for the longest time just not had the coherency in one project or the other to complete satisfactorily the next chronological task in any of them.

In the past, I have found that new projects or ideas help to spur on other ideas and serve to act as a break and respite from other writings/stories. However, I did not want to add another horse to the stable when I had so many already to choose from. However, some of those stories such as Étoile Cheval, Aegolius Harrier, Cheiron, and The Adventures of the Rhapsody Rabbit Gavilán were all linked to each other with the growing story idea of Hope Station and its universe setting. I’ve some decisions to make on all of these and as I’ve said, I’ve some materials written on quite a few of these various projects.

I have for example, two chapters at least more of Kestrel sitting waiting that could easily be published but then what? The next bits are stalling me and rather than drip drop out eeking out any kind of storyline and pace to the story I’ve been holding off until the inspiration, motivation and the time have all come together to allow me to give it a proper go. Hopefully, the final thrust in many ways in the closing quarter of that particular story. Admittedly, part of the delay with Kestrel lies in deciding some of the end game matters. I’ve hummed and hawed for the longest time over certain details and aspects trusting that I can come down on one side or the other for possible outcomes.

As to Hope Station, well I’ve a good deal written on it – up until the first major plot point as well as introducing the host of various characters but again, I do not want to publish what I have without having more behind me to go with. At present, Hope presents the best option for moving forward with my current lack of writing. And I think, I have to just decide on it in order to get some traction going.

So that’s where I go from here. Writing Hope and so hopefully writing. And reading too, as I have also been very remiss in reading of stories on the Archive and especially my reviews. I guess I’ve just needed a little time away and hopefully I can come back with more than just ideas unrealised but something actually written.

Here’s to Hope.

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