Dear Ship’s Log… #1

Blog Prompt #15: Blog as a Character

Dear Ship’s Log:

Ok, so that’s lame. But… well (for the sake of the record dear ship’s log, I just shrugged my shoulders) anyway, I just don’t know how this is supposed to go. Cos honestly, I don’t know what I am at with this whole keep a log thing but I’m going to give this a go cos you know people with pips on their collars have told me to do so and the head doc says it is a good thing to do too.


Ok, lemme try this again. Hi there, (whoever is listening to this – I can’t really imagine why anyone would be – I suppose the point is not that anyone IS listening, rather that I am doing the talking), so hi there again. Look here’s the jist of it. The doctor, the real doctor and not just the stupid head doctor person they made me talk to, said this was actually a good idea – that it would be carthatic – no that’s cathartic – get it right. Basically, it would be good for me. You know, the whole talk about your feelings, don’t bottle them up lest you go crazy and  kill everyone on the station.

I say station, it really isn’t a station. Not a station as in how you ever envisioned a station would be like when you – and by you – I mean me/I -was at the Academy. Okay, so my stint at the Kennel prepared me a little more for the reality of it but now that I have to actually pull a duty stint here and reality is hitting home – well shit man – this is like, like, like no station. It isn’t a station. Not even technically. It’s a relay station. A simple subspace marker. A communication and monitoring station. Basically, a glorified radar station. I read up on those after hearing it referred to as much. And stuck out here on this hulk of metal, trust me, I’ve got lots of reading time.

Yes, you guessed it, I started reading up on subjects as radar because I have gone through dozens of books already and now I’m fed up of fiction and want to read something different but technical manuals only hold so much interest, y’know what I mean? And that’s coming from me? I thought I was a bit a tech geek – but nuh huh – turns out, life stuck aboard a great big transistor relay station can really suck the joy out of any tech geek love you might have.

Anyway, they recommended we do these little logs to help with the isolation. And I’ve eventually caved to that mumbo jumbo and decided to do it. However, I didn’t quite like the idea of a visual picture of myself so that’s why you’re getting this audio only dear log. So… well what to talk about? Huh. Hell if I know.

One thing however. I mean what the fuck is up with this shit. I’m sitting on one of the most sophisticated communication devices in the sector, a vital lynchpin in the sector’s communication network and I can’t communicate with home? I can only send priority calls, updates and filed packets. Apparently it is a security risk to do otherwise. Go figure. Well actually, I can go figure. That’s partly my expertise. And yes, I’ve gone and figured out a dozen ways to breach the security of the network or the relay itself in my time here. So … I suppose maybe they have a point about that. Hmmm… maybe I shouldn’t actually discuss such security breaches on any kind of recorded transmission? That would look bad in a court-martial not to mention be a security breach in and of itself. Then again, who is listening to this? Ha!

Damn! What’s that? Another alert. Don’t be alarmed log. These happen all – I mean ALL – of the time. Alert is really, completely and utterly, the wrong description for it. Just another errant particle, or a kaput relay node, or a dust ball, or a failure of the anti-dust measures, or … well you get the point.

I’m gonna sign off for now. Catch you later, unless something more interesting opens up on my itinerary for this evening. I rather imagine I should have some lint to pick from my belly button, so you know, there’s that.

Bye for now. Catch you laters.