From the Watchtower: The Saga Begins


Star Station Hope: Watchtower
* * *

The creed of the Border Patrol Service is a simple one:
To save lives. To protect borders. To hold the line.

* * *

Watchtower Title Image copy

On the frontier, on the edge of Federation space, standing guard, keeping a watchful vigil, sentry to the stars, a gateway to trade and diplomacy and a bulwark of safety and protection stood a station called ‘Watchtower’. Star Station Hope stood on a crossroad of borders – Breen, Tzenkthi and Cardassian – a citadel to guard and defend the Federation.

It was a bastion, a guardian, a sentry, keeping a watchful vigil on the borders to protect the Federation. It was a seat of law and order, a sheriff in the border lands, policing the space lanes, charged to protect the innocent. It was a lifeline, a lighthouse, keeping travellers safe, rescuing the distressed, lost and adrift.

To some it was called home, to others a home away from home, where enemy and ally live side by side. A place of business and diplomacy where trust was the most precious commodity, Star Station Hope was a home, a seat of Federation law and order, a beacon for peace and hope.

In the end, in its last days, it was a harbinger of the annihilation to come.

It was the line.

The line that had to be held.

The last line.

* * *