Agggh!!! How do we cope when technology fails?

Agggh! What do we do? What do we do?

The advice would be don’t panic. Which really I think is ridiculous. A good ole panic helps to make many a dire situation feel at least a little bit dramatic. Hmmm… maybe not helpful, certainly not productive. Perhaps I should in the words of Fagin from the ‘Oliver’ musical review the situation again. Maybe I should just calm down and breathe. Let me be calm and make the most of the situation.

Ok, so the title of ‘How do we cope when technology fails?’ was actually going to be a suggestion to kes7 for one of the prompts. Our heroes would have to tackle Star Trek life without the magic of their technology say no transporters, no replicators, no grav-plates, no warp power, etc.

However, life has gone and played a cruel trick on us and robbed us of our forum site. I’m no techie so I haven’t a barny what has happened. Suffice to say, I didn’t do it. It was like that when I got here. Or not got there as the case might be.

So my dear fellow Ad Astras – hey what is our collective groupie name? Are we Ad Astras/ Ad Astries / Astrals ? – ok derailing my thought process here but lets come up with some suggestions and then we can do a poll.

Back to the point … which was (?) …My fellow Ad Astraras (?) what are we to do without a little conversation and discussion? Well lets take the blogs and converse here. Lets bring it on. We won’t let technology get us down – unless it is an elevator and that is precisely what we want.

Share with me you woe at the present loss of the forum. Share with me your idea for our collective name – candy-floss to the best suggestion. Share with me your ficlet on what your heroes would do mean faced without technology or problem therewith.

P.S. There is no particular reason for the different colours other than I saw that I could change them and so I did. Which colour was your favourite?

P.P.S. I throw down a challenge for fellow bloggers to enthral those of us missing our usual dose of Ad Astra discussion with some entertaining new blogs. Go on … you have to … not cos I tell you … cos mine was lame!