Day #6 Write a Letter

write meA 30 Day Write a Letter Challenge Response

Day 6 – To a Stranger

Ok this one stalled me, big time. Then it occurs to me in the mode of writing letters that one of the more common letter types is the letter of complaint to a company.

Well given some of the scrapes she gets into I have to imagine that not all of Tabatha – ‘Don’t call me Tabby’ Chase’s customers are always satisfied with the experience.

And if they aren’t happy with their experience with her cargo delivery, I somehow can imagine that the follow up customer care leaves little to console.

talktotheVulcanhandThe Tabatha Chase school of customer service.

To Chase Haulage and Astral Shuttle Enterprises:

I am writing to you on the account of the fact that you are not returning any of my attempts to contact you via sub-space. That is either a sign of your impertinence or the faulty nature of your vessel. Either fact attests to the poor condition in which my cargo arrived with me. Six crates of Andellium Crystal shattered! This is deplorable! I demand a full accounting for what happened to my cargo whilst in transit under your care. My handlers on Epitus IV assured me of its good condition before being loaded onto your vessel. Not only do I want a full accounting a want – demand – a full refund for services rendered!

              Paulot Feru

Mr Feru!!!

I am most wholeheartedly hurt and offended that you would sully the good name of my Rhapsody Rabbit Gavilán! To imagine that she had some part to play in the unfortunate instance of your cargo being damaged scours my soul. I enclose an image of me to demonstrate just how despondent I feel. As you can clearly see from the set of photos, I do find wearing my finest silk stockings under the comforting smooth Beskilian Wolverine furs the only way to cheer me any.

I am most, most sorry to hear that your cargo suffered damage. I can assure you that the Rabbit is fully certified, health and safety compliant and a holder of the Kessel Run record. No mean feat for any cargo freighter. Alas, your handlers on Epitus IV are – I hate to sully their names – most likely to have mishandled your cargo. It is a sad fact that Epitus IV spaceport is having much strife with its unionised workers. They are quite militant in pursuing their work rights and have recently been ‘working to rule’ which is another way of saying, they can’t give a crap and are just tossing the cargo packages into any docking cargo freighters. It would be in your interests to take the matter up with either the union dock workers association or I imagine the spacedock management would be keenly interested to hear how the workers damaged cargo due to the union action.


              Captain Tabatha Katherine Chase, XXX


To Captain Chase

Your holographic images were – ahem – quite inappropriate though very … I mean to say that it does not detract from the matter. I did as you suggested and contacted the spacedock management. Whilst they confirmed that there were indeed issues with work to rule practices, many of the issues arose after a number of startling safety incidents whilst your vessel was in port. It appears your vessel was involved in a frantic spaceport chase defying the proper protocols and law regulations.

Furthermore the conjecture from the spaceport suggests this was all part of some bet placed by yourself and another space hauler! It is this sort of behaviour and unprofessional conduct that prompted me to file my complaint with your company. This is not good enough! Simply not good enough.

              Paulot Feru


Mr Feru!!!

Let me assure you, I never ever allow myself to be caught breaking any regulations or laws. It must be some sort of misunderstanding. As for taking participating in an illegal race, I’m not a gambler but you can bet your bottom dollar the Rhapsody Rabbit Gavilán would win any such gamble given its record achievements and my flying skills!

Alas I fear the spacedock management do not want to own up to their mismanagement of the situation. It is a sad and sorry state of affairs when people cannot take personal responsibility for their actions. In reference to the incidents at E.IV I do recollect an encounter with a fellow cargo hauler but there was no competition. None at all.


              Captain Tabatha Katherine Chase,

              Holder of the Kessel Record and winner of the Rear of the Year.

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Tabatha scowled and wagged a finger at Bora. “Ah ah. What happened at the spaceport wasn’t a gunfight. We never shot back.”

Ascending the steps up to deck two, Bora pointed out. “We did.”

“Ok, you did; but with handhelds – it was not the Rhapsody Rabbit Gavilán itself.”

“What?” Bora frowned at his captain. “Are you looking for plausible deniability?”

Chase winked. “I’m always looking for plausible deniability Bora. Best to be prepared.”

Rhapsody Rabbit Gavilán: #2 Way of the Blade[/pullquote]