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Dear Ship’s Log… #1

Blog Prompt #15: Blog as a Character Dear Ship’s Log: Ok, so that’s lame. But… well (for the sake of the record dear ship’s log, I just shrugged my shoulders) anyway, I just don’t know how this is supposed to go. Cos honestly, I don’t know what I am at with this whole keep a …

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Attaining Villainy and Complexity

A response to Blog Prompt #6 – Writing Complex Evil Characters Villains. Hmmm. I’m a bit like TemplarSora in that my current stories do not have actual villains per say. That is to say, they don’t have revealed villains or developed villains. That said, it’s an interesting topic and one I do plan on returning …

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Crossing Over … Free-For-All Blog Prompt #3

TemplarSora provided the prompt this time round and gave a very interesting post on it here – Time And Relative Diversity in Infinite Combinations   The blog prompt was: Blog Prompt #3 – Crossovers My blog idea is to try and maybe see just how far out there some of us have gone, are considering …

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