Day #1 Write a Letter Challenge

A 30 Day Write a Letter Challenge Response

write meDay 1 – Your Best Friend

Challenge number one. For this letter, I’ve decided to explore the captain of the Aegolius Harrier, Cyste Ryaenn and Ameren her closest friend, perhaps only true friend at the outset of their chronicled stories to date.

The two endured a Cardassian prison hell together. But both wanted different things after gaining their freedom. Ameren was never part of Starfleet and met Cyste in the prison camp where their bond was forged. Theirs is a tight and unbreakable bond. Perhaps, best friend is not the most fitting title to put on it but they are certainly the two who come to mind for this particular letter challenge.


So it’s true then. You got your own ship? Cool girl. I knew you would. Any time soon, you’ll have your own armada under your command. Starfleet are lucky to have you. Your ship and crew are going to be lucky to have you as their captain.

Maybe with appointing you, Starfleet’ll better understand the true mettle it takes to be a starship captain. I’m out and about here on the borders and I can tell you Ryaenn, things are far from peaceful. There’s a lot of angry factions just biding time and waiting for the dust to be kicked up again. But hey, aren’t they always.

Don’t worry, I’m keeping out of trouble. I just know you want to ask me that but won’t thinking it only encourages me to look for trouble. Believe me Ryaenn, I don’t look for trouble. It just kinda finds me, is all. Anyway, what’s a good looking, strapping young Rylek like me going to do? I’ve the universe to see. Lots of places and people to see. I’ll tell you one thing about our Cardassian hospitality stay, it sure makes you appreciate the whole big wide universe that’s outside there.

Now tell me, are you keeping out of trouble? I can only assume that you are making efforts to do so since you have managed to score a command. But play nice won’t you with the ship and its crew. They don’t know you – not the real you. They only think they know you. Or know you only from the reputation that precedes you. And heck, that would send a scare chill down anyone’s back!

But honestly Ryaenn, be careful, make friends, play nice and well … just be your fantastic self.



Oh Ameren,

When you tell me you are keeping out of trouble, it only serves to trouble me as to how much trouble you do get into! And nothing you tell me will reassure me otherwise.

As for myself, I will be careful. I do not need to make friends. I have you. As for playing nice? Hmmm, we will see. If they give me cause to play nice, I will play nice. If they give me cause to not play nice … well then they may learn some of why a certain reputation precedes me.

Ameren … I know it is much to ask you but … maybe I could do with a friend. I would not admit that to anyone else as you know. But there are going to be challenges for which I will need your charm, insight and skills to navigate. If you would consider it, I would be honoured, humbled really, if you would … if you would join me. Come be a part of my crew.


[pullquote align=”center” textalign=”center” width=”60%”]“My closest friend. No matter the distance and the time between seeing each other. That much was always constant. The very fact you came to me here proves that more than anything.”

Ryaenn to Ameren in Aegolius Harrier – Forged in Ice – Reputations[/pullquote]