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Osprey #1 — Running the Gauntlet

Osprey #1 — Running the Gauntlet Tracking an Orion slaver in ‘The Gauntlet’, a treacherous region of space, the Border Patrol Cutter Osprey must mount a daring rescue and interdiction mission before it is hit by a deadly storm front. There’s a reason it’s called running the Gauntlet.

From the Watchtower: Introducing the Osprey

From the Watchtower we introduce the Border Patrol Cutter Osprey commanded by Captain Mercy Faraday-Thatcher, operating out of Star Station Hope, serving in the Sixth Cutter squadron. Its stories propel it into the thick of the action on the contentious and politically dynamite borders of the Watchtowerverse. Osprey features the actions of this border patrol cutter. As part of the …

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TToT14 Week 8 Fabulous Fanart – Osprey: Running the Gauntlet

TToT14 Fabulous Fanart – Hunting Grounds cover created by Funngunner

TToT14 Wk 8: A Fabulous Fanart Entry

A Hopeful Character – Character Review – TNT

Tekesha Nancy Tanner – TNT – Commodore “Dynamite” Tanner. A character preview / review portrait Introducing Commodore Tekesha Nancy Tanner, commanding officer of Star Station Hope and the surrounding sector of space. Known as Dynamite Tanner for her explosive outbursts, she’s the representative head of Starfleet on a contentious border of space. Back in the Boldly …

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It’s All About the Characters

In part a response to my own homework assignment and a response to TToT14 Blog prompt #4 where we’re tasked to talk about our favourite characters. And why yes, I’m stealing from kes7 dealing with these two in the one. Of characters My character design process is rather organic in the beginning and then latterly. …

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Twelve Trials of Triskellion 2014 – Blog Like a Boss prompt #2

Prompt 2 AKA Which story made you tear your hair out? What is the hardest story you ever had to write? What was the easiest? And why? Hmmm, another prompt to ponder on. Back to your pipe Data – I somehow keep expecting bubbles to come out of it in the gif. Keep watching, maybe …

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Twelve Trials of Triskellion 2014 – Blog Like a Boss prompt #1

To Fic or Not to Fic? What has Star Trek fandom — and ficcing specifically — meant to you? The Twelve Trials of Triskellion bring forth a number of prompts for our blogging purposes. The first prompt poses a straightforward question at the nub of so much of what we do here. Despite being a …

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From the Watchtower: The Saga Begins

  Star Station Hope: Watchtower * * * The creed of the Border Patrol Service is a simple one: To save lives. To protect borders. To hold the line. * * * On the frontier, on the edge of Federation space, standing guard, keeping a watchful vigil, sentry to the stars, a gateway to trade …

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