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Location, Location, Location – Part One

Now, first off, this isn’t really meant to be any kind of writerly how-to-do. Actually, first off, this isn’t some sort of sci-fi fanfic retail enterprise – although imagine that – one slightly battered Miranda class, formerly of the Border Patrol Service, previous owner a rather eccentric captain with a taste for tradition wood and …

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Of Collaborations and Round Robins

MDg (Mike) brought us a terrific blog last week and gave us some insight into the collaborative writing process with working on a story with Gibraltar. It proved quite illuminating to see their collaborative approach. It also served to recall some heady memories of Ad Astra’s first Round Robin, the multi-universe mind and universe bending …

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A thousand words – give or take one or two

A thousand words. Actually, it is probably a whole damn sight more than that. What do I mean? To what do I refer? Today I reached the figure of 1,000 reviews on the Archive. :cue ticker tape parade and thunderous applause: :waits: :sighs: So ok, not a big deal. Of course, making a thousand reviews …

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Come meander a while

Welcome to Ad Astra Journal Community Sites. This is my first post. I ought to edit or delete it, then start blogging! Ok, so sort of cheating by using the introduction given to me by Word Press. Really? Is it just plain silly to be intimidated by this whole blogging thing? I’m a grown man. …

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